JAKOT, dry


Sauvignon vertJakot is a varietal white wine, from the past also known as “Tocai Friulano”. The must for this wine starts fermenting without cooling it with two-day maceration. Fermentation continues an ends in a big wooden barrel. Whine than matures in this barrel on its own lees for a year, without decanting. Just before the next grape harvest it is first decanted to inox barrel, where it clears and stabilises for another year so that we can bottle it without filtration after two years of maturing in a cellar.

Characteristics: yellow colour with green shades. Intensive smell, we can perceive the smell of herbs and acacia. It is full-bodied with a medium-bodied solid aftertaste.

Serving temperature: 12 – 14 °C (54 – 57 °F)




ChardonnayThe must starts fermenting in contact with grape skin (maceration) for two days. After the fermentation in a big oak barrel stays on its own lees for a year and it is first put into inox barrel before the next grape harvest. It matures and clears up in a cistern for another year so that it is bottled after two years without filtration.

Characteristics: golden yellow colour and rather dense in the glass. The smell is intensive and especially fruity with a scent of a ripe peach and freshness of an apple. It is buttery and fresh. In mouth it is nicely creamy at first and then fruity flavours come out, complemented with crunchy minerality and freshness. Aftertaste is long and pleasant.

Recommended dishes: recommended with white meat, shrimps and shells.

Serving temperature: 15 – 16 °C (59 – 61 °F)


RUBINO, semi-dry


RubinoRubino is a red blend of merlot 80% and cabernet sauvignon 20% with addition of sweet wine from dried grapes. Both varieties are macerated – Merlot for 1 month, cabernet sauvignon for 2 weeks. The wine then matures for two years in used barrique barrels and in the third year the sweet wine is added, which matures separately. After three years the wine is bottled without filtration.

Characteristics: ruby red colour, exceptional fruity smell of forest fruits, flavour composed of freshness and velvet elegance.

Recommended dishes: recommended with lighter venison like deer or mouflon fillet as well for merging meat with fruity sauces.

Serving temperature: 15 – 16 °C (59 – 61 °F)




cuveeLeopold is a blend of white wine composed of malvazija, green sauvignon, rebula and sauvignon. This fresh wine of the current year is cold pressed and ferments with selected yeasts in inox barrels.

Characteristics: light yellow colour with slight yellow green shades. Fresh citrus smell prevails mixed with herbal tones. The flavour is full, warm and fresh at the same time.

Recommended dishes: we recommend it with white meat, pork, spiced fish dishes, fish carpaccio, pasta and rice.

Serving temperature: 10 – 12 °C (50 – 54 °F)