RUBINO, semi-dry

rdeče vino RubinoRubino is a red blend of merlot 80% and cabernet sauvignon 20% with addition of sweet wine from dried grapes. Both varieties are macerated – Merlot for 1 month, cabernet sauvignon for 2 weeks. The wine then matures for two years in used barrique barrels and in the third year the sweet wine is added, which matures separately. After three years the wine is bottled without filtration.

Characteristics: ruby red colour, exceptional fruity smell of forest fruits, flavour composed of freshness and velvet elegance.

Recommended dishes: recommended with lighter venison like deer or mouflon fillet as well for merging meat with fruity sauces.

Serving temperature: 15 – 16 °C (59 – 61 °F)

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